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First Fundraiser – Great Success!

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We were quite honored and thrilled to have two wonderful friends who support the work we are doing with Veterans Restorative Project by organizing our first fundraising event held on May 11, 2016.

They arranged food and drink, along with 50 raffle and 25 silent auction prizes. Prizes ranged from restaurant and beauty salon gift cards, Godiva Chocolates, and a handmade afghan to portable Wi-Fi speakers and an official NFL football from the Chicago Bears. Everyone was a winner.




VRP Co-founders Gemma, Mary and Jacqui presented a little background on our programs, a short iRest meditation experience for managing stress and some veteran/family testimonials.


The event was held at a Chicago Gold Coast location and over 50 people showed up to group photosupport us. With lots of laughter and camaraderie, everyone had a great time. We raised $20,000 from attendees and other supporters from across the country—including a $2,500 grant from the San Francisco Foundation, which mobilizes resources and acts as a catalyst for change to build strong communities, foster civic leadership, and promote philanthropy.



Thanks for the support of all who attended. And thank you for your support and for taking time to read about our successes and help us spread the word about iRest—a deep relaxation and mindfulness meditation practice. We provide our programs FREE to veterans, their families and healthcare providers to help restore resilience and well-being.


Learn more about our programs at:

Consider a gift
to support our heroes
and help them restore resilience
with the gift of iRest.


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Veterans have benefited from VRP iRest practice CD

• Judy, a highly stressed veteran healthcare provider, began listening nightly to our CD. CD-Cover-1-front2-tempSince that time her blood pressure has decreased, her heart “doesn’t race anymore” and she sleeps through the night. She can relax her body almost instantaneously and fall into a meditative state immediately. She says it’s changed her life!


• After three Iraq deployments, Tom shared: “iRest calms my soul. It gives me a break from life, a moment of peace to remember who I am inside. Practicing with the CD helps me to gain more understanding of who I am inside. iRest saves my life every day and has given me the hope and strength I needed to reconnect myself to the world again.”


• With a diagnosis of a rare form of cancer requiring experimental treatments, Mary, veteran of Afghanistan, listens to the CD every day. The practice of iRest helps bring her comfort, to connect with an inner peace and instill courage to help her move through these difficult times.


• Getting a good night’s sleep is a huge issue for many veterans, and an important ingredient to physical, emotional and spiritual healing. One veteran’s recent comment about practicing with our CD sums up a myriad of those we have received: “It’s awesome! It puts you to sleep every time!”


iRest is for everyone, not just those associated with the military. Start experiencing iRest for yourself, or gift a friend or loved one.


Choose either downloadable MP3
or physical CD formats


Proceeds go directly to support our ongoing programs.


Check out our Program page for group iRest programs – FREE to veterans and families. The group experience is very powerful.


3 Yoga Nidra Health Benefits

The National Sleep Foundation reports that more than 50 percent of American adults suffer from symptoms of insomnia a few nights a week or more. Sleep experts recommend that adults get seven to nine hours of sleep a night for good health, yet many get considerably less. Inadequate sleep is associated with chronic health problems such as heart disease, stroke, and breast cancer.

The ancient practice of yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep, is a meditative practice that results in conscious deep sleep. Current research suggests that yoga nidra can help relieve menstrual problems, diabetes symptoms and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

In honor of National Sleep Awareness Week in March, here’s three health benefits of yoga nidra.  Click here to read more.

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VRP introduces iRest to veterans in McHenry, IL

It was all about relaxation Thursday night at the McHenry County Veterans Resource Center. McHenry County TLS Veterans hosted an introduction to iRest meditation for a group of veterans, their spouses and other residents wanting to learn more about the alternative form of post-traumatic stress disorder treatment (…)
Click here to read more.

Image Credit: Sarah Nader taken for the Northwest Herald